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About the Tulster RATH Series

The RATH is a familiar addition to the Tulster product family. Drawing upon the OATH’s simple and secure design, the RATH retains the same reliable features of its predecessor in an all-new holster specifically re-engineered for revolvers. This highly-concealable IWB holster is flush-cut to the cylinder and flared for a quick, easy draw and subsequent reholstering. The low-profile minimal .08” thermoplastic makes it exceptionally comfortable. The minimal footprint, matte-edge finish, and ultra-secure tuckable steel clip complete this sturdy, discreet Inside the Waistband holster.

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Mod Wing Installation

Multi-Stage Fixed Retention

Soft Loop Setup

Ambidextrous Tutorial

Griphook Installation


RATH Hardware

RATH with Mod Wing

RATH with Griphook

RATH with Soft Loop

RATH with Alias


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