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Range+ Series OWB

About the Tulster Range+ Series

The Range+ Series is an innovative line of outside-the-waistband holsters suitable for any outdoor enthusiast. The holster is optic-ready and equipped with a split paddle for easy on/easy off. Due to its design, The Range+ holster works with a variety of common holster mounts, including the G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, Bladetech Tek-Lok, and other similar systems, making carrying at the gun range or recreational settings easy and convenient.

Range+ Hardware Replacement

Range+ G-Code RTI Hanger Installation

Range+ RTI Hanger Differences

Range+ DOTS Installation

Range+ Safariland QLS Installation


Range+ Hardware

Range+ with G-Code RTI Hanger

Range+ with DOTS Attachment

Range+ with Safariland QLS Fork


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