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Contour Series OWB

About the Tulster Contour Series

The Contour is an innovative, highly concealable, and comfortable outside the waistband CC holster from Tulster. Thanks to the ingenious “molded-in” concealment, low profile design, and minimal material, the Contour is the ultra-discreet OWB solution you’ve been looking for.  

For those who have trouble with a traditional IWB holster, the Contour offers the concealibility of inside the waistband with the added comfort of an outside the waistband solution. The curved shell of the Contour, coupled with precisely placed hardware allow the holster to disappear into your waistline. The Contour is unobtrusive, easy to access, and provides the most comfortable and concealable OWB carry experience available. 


Retention Adjustment

Ride Height and Cant Adjustment

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