Will Tulster offer a holster for 1911s?

1911’s… Maybe never.

There are a TON of 1911 manufactures and since our holsters are rigid and precision fit, there is no way for us to guarantee fitment since each manufacturer does not adhere to the same specs. We have no desire to buy a bunch of 1911s and build out a compatibility list especially when in comparison to the other modern weapons, 1911’s are a very small market for those that are carrying every day.

The only way we WOULD do it is offering it for a specific model like the Kimber Pro Carry and not accept returns unless the customer bought it FOR the Pro Carry and not some other brand. Unfortunately, even in that scenario, being so specific to one gun it would make the holster the lowest performing model we sold.

Tulster is laser-focused on offering an awesome product AND customer service – i.e. super fast shipping and easy returns etc. Unfortunately the 1911’s don’t fit in that model since the headaches would just not be worth it.

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