What’s the difference between the Profile and OATH holsters?

The Profile and the OATH Both holsters have a lot to offer, so let’s review their respective features so you can choose which option is right for you.

The Profile holster is our original minimalistic IWB holster. Intended for simplicity of use, the Profile provides easy on/easy off usability and maintains the profile of your firearm. It uses no unnecessary material and has no extra clunky hardware for one of the most straightforward and most streamlined concealed carry experiences available.

The OATH is our new IWB holster, designed to take concealed carry to the next level. For users who want additional security and concealment, it offers a variety of new features. The OATH is tuckable, thanks to its discreet clip, and features a pre-installed wing. These features work together to create a holster that keeps your firearm completely secure and ultra-concealable.

There are several additional features of each holster you’ll want to consider before making your decision.


The OATH is an optic-ready holster, accommodating a wide variety of red dot sights like the Trijicon RMR or SRO.

The Profile Holster does NOT accommodate optics. So if you have a red dot installed or you’re thinking about adding one to your firearm, you will need to choose the OATH or Profile+. However, the OATH and Profile+ are still an excellent fit for firearms with and without optics.


The OATH is tuckable and can comfortably fit inside a waistband and tucked shirt. Thanks to the MOD4U Clip from Discreet Carry Concepts, your holster can be tucked in, making it the most concealable holster we offer. On the other hand, the Profile holster features the Tulster Quick Clip, which is not tuckable. We’ll review the clips in more detail a bit later.


The Profile features adjustable cant and retention. These features can be fine-tuned with a Phillips screwdriver and may be quickly changed on the fly. The cant can be adjusted up to 30 degrees, so your holster can be drawn from various angles and carry positions. The adjustable retention screw ensures the firearm is secure when holstered and adjusted on the fly.

The OATH, however, does not feature adjustable cant due to the position of the clip and wing and is intended primarily for appendix or strong-side carry. As opposed to the Profile’s quick-change adjustable retention, the OATH features “Multi-Stage Fixed Retention.” This feature allows the hardware to be fully tightened for ultimate security, with no need to fidget with the hardware and retighten. The OATH comes with two shims that provide additional stages of lighter retention for those who prefer it.
The OATH also features adjustable ride height, while the Profile does not.


The OATH is an ambidextrous holster so that you can swap the hardware from side-to-side for either right or left-handed shooters. However, the Profile Holster comes in two variants – left and right- handed – so you’ll need to purchase the correct orientation while shopping online.
Due to the ambidextrous nature of the OATH, it features a dual-sided mid-sweat shield. This feature keeps your handgun clear of clothing and free from sweat. Because the Profile Holster ISN’T ambidextrous, we’re able to implement a full sweat shield. This sweat shield fully covers the side of your firearm that rests against the body and is flush with the top of your firearm.


The Profile Holster comes with a Tulster Quick Clip. The quick clip is made from a blend of polymers and exceptionally durable. It permits the adjustable cant that we previously mentioned and allows for the easy on/easy off nature from the belt.

The OATH features the DCC MOD4U Clip. This ultra-strong, very discreet metal clip is made from a 10XX steel alloy purpose-built specifically for holster usage. It allows for the previously mentioned adjustable ride-height and tuckability. The metal clip has an extremely high clamping force that ensures your holster will be held securely in place, thanks to the under-hook design.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of the Profile Holsters quick clip or the OATHs MOD4U clip for its high clamping force and tuckability, both options have you covered.


The OATH comes with a pre-installed ModWing. While this does add additional material to the holster, it results in the maximum amount of concealment. The ModWing essentially pushes against the back of your belt, which leverages the grip of the firearm towards your body. The result is a reduced visible print of your firearm. In conjunction with the tuckability, this makes your firearm and holster virtually invisible.
Every OATH comes with a medium insert pre-installed and a large insert if you want additional concealment. The wing insert can also be removed if necessary.

The Profile does not come with a wing, claw, or wedge. Many novice carriers can find these wings unwieldy, clunky, or feel that they make the holster challenging to put on. Thousands of Profile holster owners have been happy with the level of concealment the Profile has to offer. However, for those that still want that extra-push, the optional Tulster SideKick is available. This standalone attachment was built specifically for the Profile holster as a simple, minimalistic answer to claws and wings. It attaches to the trigger-guard of the holster and functions just like a wing, pushing the Profile’s concealment to the next level. The Tulster SideKick is sold separately and requires minimal assembly.

Those are all the primary differences. Here’s what the two holsters have in common:

  • They both are designed, molded, and finished to have minimal to zero drag and feature the same “positive click” when you holster your firearm.
  • Both holsters feature an undercut trigger guard, which promotes a full grip on the firearm, and an open mag release to allow for admin reloads.
  • The two holsters each feature a raised sight channel for after-market sights and an open-ended muzzle for threaded barrels to pass- through.
  • Both holsters are made from .08 thick Kydex and have sleek matte- edge hand buffed finishes, blackened stainless steel hardware, and self-locking patched screws.
  • And as always, both holsters are made right here in the United States of America.

The Profile Holster and OATH are reliable IWB holsters designed to stand up to any threat. Whichever holster you choose, we’d like to thank you for choosing Tulster.

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