Order did not go through, yet I see a charge on my credit card?

If you are seeing a pending charge or multiple charges – they will fall off. When you attempted to make a purchase, the charge is held temporally until the purchase is complete…. however, your billing address at your bank or credit card company didn’t match with the billing address that you gave us at checkout. Our gateway card processor rejected the order and sent a release for the pending funds to your bank/credit card company. The pending charges (no matter how many) will disappear within time.

How long does it take for the charges to disappear?
Some banks or credit card companies act immediately to the void request on the charge and remove it from your account with hours. However, some banks and credit card companies will ignore the void request altogether and the pending charge(s) could sit on your account for up to a week… you are more than welcome to reach out to your financial institution and ask them to remove it.

Please check your addresses and verify they are correct. The address on your (billing) payment method must match the billing address you gave us at Tulster — this includes the zip codes – if they don’t match, the payment will not be accepted.

Why does it take so long?
We have dealt with credit card fraud so much over the last several years that we implemented “Advance Fraud Tools” on our website. It requires your billing address to match from the financial institution to the address that you gave us at checkout — if it does not match, the order will not go through and you may see a pending temp/hold charge on your account that will fall off.

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  1. Your gateway card processor declined the transaction in error. My address is correct (confirmed with my credit card company). Can someone assist me with making an order please?

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